Our goal is to bring more solar power to the Ingleside.

To achieve that goal, we want to try a new approach where the broader community has the opportunity to partake in the ownership and installation of solar panels.



Ingleside Community Power is a group of Ingleside residents who believe that there should be more solar energy on buildings in our community. Our goal is to sell shares of solar panels to be installed on homes and businesses in the Ingleside and to form a cooperative to manage and grow solar panel installations.


Locally Backed

Ingleside Community Power is a project of People Power Solar Cooperative, a solar energy cooperative based in Oakland. People Power Cooperative has successfully installed solar panels in Oakland by selling shares to community members.


A Cleaner Future

By creating opportunities for more people to participate in the establishment of solar panels in their own neighborhood, we believe that we will be able to foster more solar panel installations than would otherwise be possible.